A few weeks ago, AGPC agreed to replace two benches in the village: one outside St Boltophs and the other at the junction of The Mount & West Hill.

We have just been informed by the contractor that there is a delay in the manufacturing of these benches, which means they may not be delivered for another 6 weeks.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and will keep you posted on progress. 

One hour 46 minutes ago by Lynne Simons

The Speedwatch team are looking for volunteers to assist with the speedwatch monitoring programme.

The sessions are mainly carried out along the main roads: Bedford Road, West Hill and Aspley Hill and typically take place approximately every 4 to 6 weeks during dry day light hours with 3 volunteers per session.

Any involvement and activity is conducted under the watchful eye and the approval of the Bedfordshire Police. Consequently any new volunteers would at some stage after joining the team, be vetted, and are expected to attend a speed watch briefing and basic accident and defence demonstration, all of which is officially conducted by the Police. 

If you are interested in helping out please contact jimelton@btinternet.com



4 hours 17 minutes ago by Lynne Simons

The minutes from the Full Council meeting of the 3rd June 2019 are available to view by clicking here.

09:06, Tuesday by Lynne Simons

Annual Accounts

Aspley Guise Parish Council have submitted the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2018/19 Part 3 to the External Auditors, Mazars LLP.  The unaudited return can be viewed here.

By law any interested person has the right to inspect a Councils Accounts, for more information and for the dates during which the public rights can be exercised, please click here.


08:59, Tuesday by Lynne Simons

Following our request, CBC have agreed to install a new dog poo bin along Mill Lane, in the small copse of trees between the stables and bungalow and the Groundsman's buildings. We are told it will be there within 28 days. Thank you to the golf course for allowing this to happen. 

In addition CBC have installed additional dog poo bins at the recreation area at West Hill. Thank you to Cllr Hawley for arranging this. 

We are waiting for the two new benches to arrive, and then the contractor will be installing them: one outside St Boltophs, the other at the junction of The Mount/West Hill. 

Work has started on replenishing the flowers in the planters ready for the summer (if it ever decides to show its face ☔️ Frown).

There is a damaged streetlight (owned by AGPC) in Mentone Avenue, a replacement is on order and will be installed by the contractor as soon as possible. 

You will have seen that SGN (Gas contractors) are currently working in Wood Lane. We have been told by CBC that they are moving onto Peers Drive for the period 11th to 17th July, and then onto Mount Pleasant for the whole of the school summer holidays. Please note Mount Pleasant will be closed for this period, except for access. 

If you have any suggestions for further improvements or things that you’d like to see happen within the village please let us know by emailing clerk@aspleyguiseparishcouncil.gov.uk, or by coming along to one of the Parish Council meetings.

09:01, 13 Jun 2019 by Lynne Simons

The agenda for the Extra Ordinary meeting to be held on the 17th June, is now available to view on our website by following this link.

19:26, 12 Jun 2019 by Lynne Simons

The agenda for the Planning meeting on the 17th June has now been added to our website, and can be viewed by clicking this link.

17:47, 12 Jun 2019 by Lynne Simons

Following a resignation, the Council have an open vacancy for a new Councillor, the vacancy can viewed here, and you have until the 1st July to apply.

In addtion there are still 2 Councillor vacancies that can be filled by co-opting. If you are interested in this, please write to clerk@aspleyguiseparishcouncil.gov.uk summarising why you would be interested to become a Councillor and the skills you could bring to the team.

15:54, 11 Jun 2019 by Lynne Simons

The minutes from the annual PC meeting on the 9th May 2019 are now available on our website - click here to view.

16:35, 05 Jun 2019 by Lynne Simons

The minutes from the planning meeting on the 20th May 2019 are now available to view on our website - click here.

16:33, 05 Jun 2019 by Lynne Simons

The agenda and associated briefing papers for the meeting on the 3rd June can now be found on our website - click here to view the agenda

22:23, 29 May 2019 by Lynne Simons


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